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Secrets to Designing an Inspiring Home Office

The home office is becoming less of an anomaly and more of a necessity as increasing numbers of people work from home at least a day or two a week.

But as amazing as working from home can be (pajamas and all), it also has its challenges.

One of the greatest obstacles to a successful work from home experience is the ability to mentally transition from home to home officeThe secret to a successful, daily transition is in creating a space that inspires you to work.

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Steps to making your home office space

  • The first step is to have a designated work space. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a whole room or just a corner of a room.  As long as you can claim an area and  dedicated it to your work, you are on the right track. Our room dividers are an excellent way for you to claim your office space.
  • The way you organize and arrange the various objects in your workspace (chair, desk, computer) also has an impact on your work experience. Too much stuff crammed into a small space can make you feel claustrophobic. To help keep your space from feeling cramped, consider how our sliding glass doors and room dividers are all made with glass. The glass lets in light and gives a feeling of space, helping to eliminate that closed-in feeling.
  • You may wish to put up a real wall for privacy but you don’t necessarily have the space to do so. Besides that, a plaster and gyprock wall is permanent. It also means a messy and time-consuming renovation. Our room dividers and wall slide doors don’t take up as much space as a traditional wall and or door. The installation of a room divider or sliding wall door doesn’t require days of construction, dust, and mess. 

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