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The Ultimate Modern Bathroom

So, you want a modern open concept basement bathroom that also walks out into your backyard pool area? No problem!

This gorgeous bathroom needed 3 beautiful sliding doors on a triple…

Room DividersSuspended Doors

The Quick and Easy New Employee Office

Our clients are often in office spaces that require expansion but they are locked into long term leases. What are they to do if they don’t want to start office renovations, which can…

Office PartitionsRoom DividersSuspended Doors

The Perfect Office to Improve Productivity

This client had a unique situation. They were moving from an old fashioned drywall type office, to a new wide open loft style space. The ceilings were 14 feet high with open ductwork.…

Freestanding SystemsOffice PartitionsRoom DividersSuspended Doors

Suspended Wall Slide Door with a Lock

One of the many unique features of The Sliding Door Company is that we manufacture Wall Slide Doors with and without a bottom tracks. The choice is completely up to you!

In this installation…

Room DividersSuspended Doors

Create Privacy in Your Condo

The owners of this amazing Penthouse unit in downtown Vancouver wanted to partition their den from the dining room area, but wanted to maintain the open concept feel they fell in love…

Freestanding SystemsRoom DividersSuspended Doors

An Open Concept Baby Room

Our clients were having their first baby, but weren’t ready to move out of their condo.

We installed an L-shaped room divider in the corner of their condo with no column of any kind.…

Room DividersSuspended Doors
laundry room glass door

A Space Saving Solution

Laundry room doors don’t have to take up space if you consider installing one of our Wall Slide solutions.

This installation used our 1.5 inch wenge frames with a Duo-T design and …

Room DividersSuspended Doors
closet glass door 23

Create a 2nd Bedroom & Closet Without Construction

In this spacious open concept loft, our clients wanted to create a 2nd bedroom and a closet without the hassle of construction and city permits.

We were able to utilize the free space…

Closet DoorsFixed PanelsFreestanding SystemsRoom Dividers
closet glass door 22

The Perfect Storage Closet for a Small Basement

In this small downtown Toronto home, our clients were doing a basement renovation in order to create a great space for their kids.

We worked hand-in-hand with their Contractor/Designer…

Closet Doors