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Sliding Walls: Opening To A New World

Have you ever noticed how—in the English language—people often refer to walls in a negative way?

Consider all the metaphors and idioms we use that involve walls, including:

  • Back up against the wall—a hard-pressed situation, with no way to escape
  • Putting up walls—to describe one’s inability to connect with others
  • Hit the wall—to lose effectiveness
  • Hole in the wall—to describe a small, unsightly place
  • Bang your head up against a wall—to keep asking someone to do something they would never do

And not only that: in their groundbreaking album The Wall, Pink Floyd uses a metaphorical wall to represent human isolation and despair!

So why all the wall hate?
It makes sense: traditionally, bricks-and-mortar walls have been impenetrable.

They not only represent barriers: they are barriers. Unmovable barriers.

But not all walls are created equal. Well, not anymore.

Enter the sliding wall
Put simply, walls have undergone a makeover in recent years.

Sliding walls—particularly those built using smooth glide technology—are all about meeting people’s needs, on the fly, whether those needs are for open and accessible space, the division of spaces, and/or temporary sound barriers.

Built out of glass, sliding walls (and partitions) provide light, shadow, transparency and colour to your design—creating a more open, decorative, modern feel to your home or office space.

And when they glide smoothly on tracks, they practically float! In a world that traditionally regards walls as impenetrable structures, the ability to move one is a rather powerful feeling.

Move toward…movement
Given the many possibilities, it’s clear to see why sliding walls and partitions are gaining popularity—particularly in commercial spaces like dental, legal and other business offices. Indeed, movable walls provide a much more functional working environment beyond traditional cell-like cubicle culture—one that extends square footage.

In fact, when you get over the idea that a wall is a permanent and unmovable structure, you start to look at them in a much different light.

Come experience the smooth glide difference!
Want to see what it’s really like to move walls?

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