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Does your Tiny Home need Big Ideas?

What are tiny homes and why are they becoming more popular? According to the website The Tiny Life, the tiny home movement is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in.

A typical home, is around 2,600 square feet, is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The trend is to downsize to a more manageable 100 to 400 square feet – otherwise known as the tiny home.

There are several reasons people like this lifestyle:

  • Environmental concerns – people want to have a smaller footprint and therefore less of an impact on the planet.
  • Financial – smaller home, less money, less debt. Mortgages, depending upon the area you live in can be out of reach, especially for first-time home-buyers.
  • Freedom – living in a smaller home requires less maintenance, cleaning, and care. Simply lock the door and you can be on your way!

learning to love your tiny home

Whether you’re thinking about building or buying a tiny home, you’re a millennial in a small  apartment, a new homeowner with a fair-sized but not quite roomy-enough suburban home or you’re thinking of downsizing,there is a lot to learn about this movement. Taking a page from the tiny home movement can help you learn to love less

The goal with downsizing or learning how to embrace the tiny homes movement is to need less space. Living in cramped non-functional space isn’t.

It’s the way you reach your tiny home goals that’s key to learning to love your home. Think of your key to getting there as the way your space is designed. Functional yet enjoyable.

size doesn’t always matter

Even if you don’t live in a tiny home, there is some excellent tiny home advice to be learned from the tiny home movement that can be applied to your current home or the home you want to create..

For example, tiny homes feature rooms that serve many purposes. This is similar to open-concept homes which are still very much on trend. It’s quite common to have a kitchen that is open to the living room and dining room. What is a great way of living, open-concept, everyone together, may be a good idea most of the time, however, the lack of privacy can at times be frustrating. Never mind the fact that a messy kitchen is impossible to hide.

solutions for tiny homes

Here at The Sliding Door Company, we embrace the tiny home movement and offer solutions that work for almost any size of home.

tiny housesmes room divider

For example, your multi-purpose space can become a more private, functional space with the addition of a sliding wall panel. Sliding wall panels can also be used to hide a mess in a kitchen, a closet or space that you would prefer isn’t open for everyone to see.

A small space doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of space either. It’s how you use that space.

In tiny homes, the use of swinging doors is really restrictive. WIth the wide arc required by a swinging door, the loss of space is considerable. Think of your own home and doors. Imagine how much space each door occupies as it swings open.

Just imagine if you were to use a sliding door instead!

We aren’t talking pocket doors here either!

 tiny homes done easily

We offer sliding door which help to maximize space and don’t require a huge renovation project unlike pocket doors. You won’t be having to demolish a whole wall just to install a door and build that wall again. Unlike pocket doors which were very popular, sliding doors don’t require a whole wall to be demolished in order to install them.

tiny homes sliding door

The hardware and overhead track system are adaptable to all kind of interiors. The sliding doors, and their hardware can also complement your design preferences through a wide selection of colours, materials, and glass options.

Just like the new tiny homes movement, the sliding doors and panels we offer you feature new technology which make them safer than how sliding doors used to be. They stay well-seated on their tracks and look great!.

So if you’re interested in the tiny home trend and want to make a more efficient use of space, consider how The Sliding Door Company has big solutions!

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