3 Smart Ways to use Sliding Doors in Renovation Projects

With the light at the end of the tunnel of winter becoming brighter, it’s a great time to think about home renovations. Whether it’s a remodeling project or some cosmetic changes, here are 3 smart ways sliding doors can be the solution.

Closet doors

Closets are a convenient place to hide all kinds of things. Inevitably the closet becomes a mess which, to put it simply, must be hidden at all costs! Except that you can’t because those folding closet doors won’t shut. Never mind that they keep coming off their tracks.

If this sounds familiar, we know what you’re going through. That why we’ve created the perfect solution to replace them.

Not only do our closet doors slide effortlessly, they are attractive! You also have the choice of many styles and finishes to suit your preference.

A wall without the worry

If you’re contemplating the creation of a new room in your home, usually it’s a big project. There are walls to be built, plastering, dust, and sometimes permits.

Here at the Sliding Door Company, we don’t want your dreams to be squashed by the complexities of a renovation. If building a wall is too complex, consider our room dividers. They can take your renovation from an idea to a reality.

A door by any other name is…a barn door

barn door

Tired of the same old doors throughout your home? 

If you’re looking for a change, how about making doors a focal point? Consider the impact of a barn door.

Barn doors are dramatic, substantial doors with exposed hinges. We offer many choices in glass finishes and frames. Best of all, they roll smoothly with just a light push.

Need even more convincing why you should consider us for your next renovation project? Learn the 10 reasons to choose The Sliding Door Company.

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