Time out space for adults

Do you find yourself constantly being bombarded by social media, texting, emails, family and life demands? A constant connection to the world? Sometimes (even though we’re adults), wouldn’t it be nice to have a time out from all this busyness.

Our open concept home designs and constant connection to technology can take a toll on us. Sure, it facilitates family interaction, giving your home flowing, liveable areas. But it comes at a price: Lack of privacy or space to enjoy things like reading and conversation.

You’ll be happy to know that the idea of an open concept is evolving. The ability to escape from the busyness of life is just as important as connecting with family.

It’s time to create your time out space!

Privacy and multi-tasking

It’s not about hiding from your loved ones. It’s about being sensitive to your needs in addition to those of your family members. Sharing can be overrated, on the other hand, privacy is elusive and precious.

Close your eyes and think your home. The central area in your home is like your home’s heart. The heart should have a good number of open, flowing spaces for meals, homework, and entertainment. On the edges, perhaps tucked away in a corner, you have the possibility of creating your time out space.

Considering creating a time out space? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Purpose – Understand the purpose of your time-out space. Is it for reading, meditation, or even conversation?
  • Furniture – It should be comfortable but not overwhelming. Somewhere you can sit comfortably and perhaps invite another person into your space.
  • Defined space – A clearly defined space, not just a change in paint or a few chairs. Preferably a wall, or even better…a glass divider.This will allow light to flow through but also maintain the privacy of your time-out space.

time out space

Now take a look around your home. Can you see a space that could become your own? Perhaps you need someone to share some ideas with?
That’s where we come in. The Sliding Door Company specializes in creating spaces within spaces. We can help you figure out how to create your space with our room dividers.

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