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Thinking Outside the Box: Introducing Cubicles 2.0


You may never have heard of it, but every year, April 28 is dedicated to “celebrating” the office cubicle.

It’s called National Cubicle Day.

Understandably, you may be perplexed as to why anyone would ever set aside time to honour this type of office layout. After all, while cubicles were first developed to encourage more collaboration amongst employees, studies show that most employees abhor open offices.

In fact, according to this 2013 study, workforces hate cubicles for a myriad of reasons including poor light quality, increased noise level, less privacy for talking, less visual privacy, their lack of adjustability, and their generally unappealing decor.

Say goodbye to cell-like office culture

The good news is that the cubicle as we’ve traditionally known it is on its way out—thanks to sliding wall technology.

Sliding walls—that is, glass walls that glide smoothly on tracks—offer the best of all worlds to employees and employers alike:

  • a modern, stylish transformative workspace that facilitates communication, and
  • privacy on demand.

For example, sliding room dividers and office partitions on flexible tracks allow light to flow naturally throughout the office; and walls can open and close—or even disappear completely!

And to boot, The Sliding Door Company provides sliding door options in hundreds of styles, allowing you to blend them seamlessly with your existing surroundings.

Considering redesigning your office? Here’s our promise to you.

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