There’s No Place like a SOHO Home Office


Do you work the SOHO way?

For the record, we’re not talking about Lower Manhattan.

Short for Small Office/Home Office, “SOHO” refers to a space for fewer than 10 employees (often just one!), often within the business owner’s residence.

Here in Canada, as more workers turn to self-employment and businesses offer flexible working arrangements, we’re seeing more people turning parts of their homes into multi-functional work spaces.

SOHO challenges

Of course, creating a home-office space where one can be productive is not without its challenges. Consider the following:

  1. Noise and lack of privacy: Sharing a hybrid space with other people can be difficult—particularly when trying to keep prying eyes away from projects; and working amidst noisy distractions like voices, television shows and video games.
  1. Clutter: Clutter—such as piles of paper and folders—can make the work space feel distracting, cramped, busy and disorganized. 
  1. Exposed wires: Not only unsightly, exposed wires can also be potentially dangerous.

Sliding doors for SOHO perfection

Fortunately, experts of all kinds are available to help tackle problems often associated with creating a home office space.

The Sliding Door Company is just one business that creates work spaces that are safe, practical, and even trendy. That’s because our sliding doors have the ability to:

Think you need a spare room or huge master bedroom to set up a work space? Think again. Sliding doors also have the power to create work-friendly spaces emerging from a spare corner, to just a few inches of a wall, or other areas you likely never believed possible.

The possibilities are endless

From architects, to interior designers, to space and product specialists, Canada is full of experts with ideas for your SOHO. Here are a few home office design tips from professionals in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver:

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