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The science behind our doors

When creating our wall slide doors, room dividers, barn doors, and freestanding office systems, whether it’s the finishes, the glass, the hardware or the materials, there is a science behind our doors. 

sliding door engineering

The science behind the design and manufacturing of our products is safety, quality, and functionality.

Read on to discover some of the unique ways our sliding doors stand out:

  • We have created a unique locking roller system. This provides the smoothest, quietest sliding door possible.
  • The materials we use to manufacture our doors are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • We also make them durable using our own proprietary formula aluminum. Unlike wood which can warp over time, our frames are built to last.
  • Our checks and balances ensure the manufacturing process is top standard. Quality control always at the forefront.
  • Safety in the design is essential. Not only do we used tempered or laminated glass, we assure our doors will not leave the smooth-glide system as we use a proprietary panel-clamp smooth glide system.
  • Unique in our industry. We are the only company that offers fully lockable doors and wall partitions.
  • Our track design is a proprietary system. This sets us apart from others in the market. If the track needs to be recessed we can do it. No matter the surface, we have a solution. Even if you don’t want a track on the floor, we can do that too.

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