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The Evolution of Cubicle Doors

The creator of the office cubicle, Robert Propst, was a sculptor and designer. His goal was to improve the design of things already in existence.

Take, for example, the office work environment. He realized that employees all sat together in one large room known as a bullpen. Thus, privacy and creativity were not a consideration. Propst wanted to create fluid spaces that could be changed depending upon the need of the office. Thus, the office cubicle was born.

However, don’t blame Propst if you hate the office cubicle. His first design, introduced in the 1960’s, was a freestanding piece of furniture. It could easily be moved according to the needs of company.

Cubicles were meant to encourage creativity yet facilitate interaction with colleagues.

From cubicle to workstation

In the 1980’s, with the adoption of computers in office, the cubicle evolved into the modern-day workstation. The fluid workspace was transformed into a wasteland of cubicles filled with isolated white collar workers.

For Propst, this evolution was even worse than the original bullpen.

If you feel the office cubicle no longer works in your commercial office, here are some ideas for a new office design:

Privacy Walls and Room Dividers

If you want to have a space in your office for meetings but don’t want to invest in the time and expense of a large renovation, room dividers can provide the perfect solution.

Perhaps you want to give your employees a workspace where they can have both privacy but also access to their colleagues – the privacy wall  may work for you.

Imagine a workspace where light can flow naturally and walls can open, close, or disappear completely according to your needs.

office cubicle


Office Partitions

As your business evolves, your workspace may have to change to accommodate your employees. Office partitions are the flexible and affordable solution.

You can create individual offices with locking doors and customize them to your specific requirements.

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