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Slide, Divide and Conquer: 4 Reasons to Choose Smooth-Glide Sliding Room Dividers

It’s impossible to argue the awesomeness of room dividers!

For centuries, dividers have served as a decorative accessory, provider of privacy, and concealer of not-so-attractive things within homes and offices (e.g., laundry facilities or areas full of messy wires).

Fast-forward to today, and the once-humble room divider continues to evolve. Adding to the convenience factor, custom home and office dividers can now be installed on tracks for a guaranteed smooth-glide experience—every time they are moved.

Considering breaking up a space in your home or office? Here are five inarguable reasons you should install a sliding room divider.

1. Sliding room dividers come in a huge variety of frame and finish combinations.

Boring old room dividers, be gone! Sliding dividers can be custom manufactured to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, and/or to offer a whole new visual element to your space. And because sliding room dividers can be fashioned out of glass, they can provide a more open feel in your home or workspace that’s amenable to natural lighting.

2. Rooms are as easy to divide as to un-divide.

Smooth-glide room dividers are nothing like those awkward, bulky conference-room dividing walls you see employees yanking on in hotels and ballrooms. Fashioned on tracks, sliding dividers operate with a soft, quiet (and easy!) glide that makes the whole aspect of dividing even more appealing. They practically float, and never jump the track! No yanking required.

3. Sliding room dividers make better use of your space, at a moment’s notice.

Want to create a conference room space in your office? How about provide some privacy to a houseguest? Simply slide the room divider—not only quietly, but quickly. In other words, sliding dividers create more efficient spaces when you need them. Open the panels to create the feeling of space, or close them for privacy.

4. Sliding room dividers create new rooms—no massive construction required.

Breaking up an open space in a house, loft or office doesn’t need to be such a disruptive ordeal anymore. That’s because sliding room dividers remove the permanence of traditional barriers. As a result, there is no longer a requirement for messy drywall and days of construction to experience the benefits of room division.

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