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Slide and Glide into the Best Father’s Day Present Ever!


Let’s face it: Father’s Day gifts are usually pretty terrible.

Every year come June, Dads worldwide are the unfortunate recipients of things like joke t-shirts, fuzzy dice, novelty cologne, “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs, and singing fish wall decorations.

Truly, Fathers get the shorter end of the stick, compared with Mother’s Day gifts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why not make this the best Father’s Day ever—by giving Dad something he’d absolutely love?

Personal space, sanctuary, man cave

Whatever you like to call it, every grown man can use a relaxing space of his own.

If you have a little extra room in your home, you just may have the perfect place to set up “shop” for him.

And the great news is this: creating a haven for Dad can be done quickly, and without the usual hassle and mess of putting up new walls!

That’s the beauty of sliding door technology.

No fuss, no muss — just style

At The Sliding Door Company, our smooth-glide proprietary track system sets us apart from anything else on the market today.

We can recess the bottom tracks, install tracks on top of any surface, or even create a suspended door with no bottom track. Plus:

  • we won’t ever damage or screw anything into your floors—making renovations a breeze (and fast!); and
  • with so many designs to choose from, you will find a solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing decor.

Here are just a few ways sliding room dividers can easily and stylishly help you the “cave” of any man’s dreams:

Room Divider 105

Room Divider 4

Room Divider 15

Make this Father’s Day memorable

The Sliding Door Company offers hundreds of sliding doors and design solutions—all using cutting-edge technology, making the renovation process quick, simple and incredibly satisfying.

All it takes is a little creative thinking, and the opportunities for private sanctuary are limitless.

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