It’s the right time to modernize your office

It’s late summer—and employees are taking time off work in droves.

Meanwhile, you are left at the office…basking in the quiet, or wishing you could be doing the same as your colleagues.

Don’t despair. Their temporary absence presents a perfect opportunity to do office renovations on your commercial workspace!

But first, check out these two hot trends hitting office design:

#1 – Flexibility is key

According to this Fast Company article, 2016 is the year for “the end of permanent layouts.”

Gone are the days of the stagnant, fortress-like cubicle. Businesses are now looking for multipurpose workspace designs that can change “on demand,” offering a variety of looks and feels.

#2 – It’s all about employee health

This Forbes article points to another workplace trend that offices are beginning to adopt: WELL Building Certification.

Essentially, WELL Building Certification is a building project standard that takes into account seven office environmental factors affecting human physical and mental health.

Two of these factors include light and comfort—neither of which have traditionally been central to office design.

Sliding doors provide multiple design options, promote wellbeing

At The Sliding Door Company, our products represent the epitome of flexibility and wellness. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Flexibility: Our sliding walls can be used as room dividers. They “slide to divide” spaces, creating all sorts of options for conference room or office set-ups.
  • Light: The ability to slide walls inevitably open up office spaces to more light. But even non-moveable doors can allow light to flow naturally through the office when made with tempered glass. Glass options that provide light (and promote wellbeing) range from completely clear, to semi-opaque frosted glass.
  • Comfort: Our products offer comfort to customers in the way of privacy. Our sliding doors and glass options offer visual privacy when needed; and are also manufactured to help block noise.

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