Surprising Ways a Happy Home can Influence Your Life

Your home is more than just where you lay your head down at night. It’s where some of your greatest relationships play out, meals are shared, and where you binge-watch your favourite show. It’s no wonder a happy home can help make a happy life.

Here are some surprising ways your home and personal space ifluences your life.

Happy Home Happy Life:

  • Your mood can be influenced by your home – rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve depression and anxiety.
  • The state of your home can build or break down your motivation – messy house = messy habits. Instead of getting on with your day, you’ll be distracted by your surrounding.
  • Your home can have an impact on how you interact with your family and friends. An inviting space means you’re more likely to sit down and enjoy time with your family. You’re also more likely to invite guests over.
  • Stress can be increased or decreased depending on how happy you are in your home – if you love your home, it’s no surprise you will experience less stress.
  • While the ideal in North America is to have a large home with lots of space, too much space isn’t necessarily a good thing. Excess spaces makes it easier for families to avoid interacting with each other. Too little space and the interactions can be less than positive.

Solutions to help you create a happy home

Here at The Sliding Door Company, we recognize that your home is central to your wellbeing. Therefore we offer you solutions to help you manage your home and create a healthy and enjoyable space.

  • If you wish your space would have a more positive impact on your mood, our sliding doors and room dividers are all made with glass, allowing light to flow naturally from room to room. 


  • Closet doors can help you organize your space, eliminating a distracting environment.

Room dividers can help you create functional space that allows your family members to have their privacy but not to the point that you are cut off from each other.

Need even more convincing why you should consider us when creating a healthy home environment? Learn the 10 Reasons To Choose The Sliding Door Company.

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