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What do Leap Day, women’s gloves, and public humiliation have to do with sliding doors?

Allow us to explain.

Legend has it

In some places, Leap Day (February 29) is also known as “Bachelors’ Day.” Legend has it that in 5th-century Ireland, Brigid of Kildare struck a deal with St. Patrick to allow women to propose to men every four years.

However, if—in the upper-class societies of Europe—a man were to refuse a proposal, he then had to purchase 12 pairs of gloves for the woman. Why? To hide her embarrassment of not having an engagement ring!

Red faces will always prevail

Returning to the 21st century, the art of the proposal has certainly changed (you only need to go to YouTube for hundreds of examples). But humankind will never be able to avoid embarrassing situations.

Of course, embarrassment comes in all varieties. Sometimes we do stupid things that make us want to curl up and die. Sometimes we blurt out the first thing on our mind, leading to that “uh-oh” moment where—again—you want to curl up and die twice over.

Sometimes, embarrassment is more about keeping up appearances. For example, when giving a house tour, nobody wants their new guests to see that unsightly corner of the home (a.k.a. “the laundry room”).

And so, like those poor (yet well-fashioned) Irish women from the 5th century, we like to find ways to hide those things. And gloves just won’t cut it.

Hiding in plain sight

We at The Sliding Door Company understand that no living or working space is perfect.

There will always be less-than-glamorous areas that contain worn-out furniture, clunky machinery, and messy piles of electrical cords.

Trust us, we’ve seen it all—even in the most organized-looking of places.

The good news is that sliding doors can not only conceal those things, but do so with style and sophistication! For example:

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