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The Top Reasons to Love Glass

Glass is all around us from light bulbs to kitchenware, fibre optics, and even at your fingertips when you use your smart phone. At The Sliding Door Company, we love it so much, we thought we’d share some interesting facts about glass!

What’s not to love?

Our love for glass has been around for so long – the oldest examples are from Egyptian beads from 12,000 B.C.

Made of sand and other minerals melted together, is more like a liquid but at room temperature, it flows so slowly that it appears like a solid.


The Evolution of glass

Glass isn’t simply one kind of sand and chemical. With adjustments to the chemical composition, many different kinds can be made. And with advancements in technology, its evolution is leading to exciting and important new products such as smartphones, fibre optics, solar energy and more!

It’s Sustainable

One of the best things about glass is that it’s it’s 100% recyclable. Even better is that it can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing quality, functionality and strength. Smart consumers, believe it’s the better choice when thinking about quality and clean packaging 73% of millennials buy products in recyclable packaging.

The Strength of Glass

In fact, glass is so strong that when it’s free of impurities, it can be stronger than many metals. For example, tempered glass, made with safety in mind, won’t break into large shards. For added safety, glass is made with a film in the middle of two pieces to create laminated glass.

That’s why it’s so great for our sliding doors!

Not only is it safe and sustainable, we have different kinds of glass choices to suit your needs: Fully opaque for closets so you can hide your mess! Semi-opaque for visual privacy for room dividers. Clear for offices and other commercial uses, helping to manage foot traffic and create spaces for creativity, meetings, and offices. We even have two kinds of mirrored doors!

Diverse Décor

With all the great things that glass offers from sustainability to cutting-edge technology, safety and practicality, we also love it for its diversity in decor. It makes a room feel bright, open, and classy. It also works for any kind of decor from modern, to contemporary, traditional, or industrial.

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