Elevate Your Home with Contemporary Sliding Glass Doors

It’s amazing how even a single upgrade can freshen up a room. It’s all about catching the eye.
Crown molding adds elegance. Plush carpeting adds warmth. New interior doors add style.
The Sliding Door Company is an industry leader in contemporary interior glass door solutions.  We’ve helped countless homeowners take their interior and exterior spaces to new heights with our expansive selection of high-quality, functional, stylish doors.
Why choose interior sliding glass doors, barn doors, glass swing doors or frameless glass doors for your home? We present three compelling reasons below.

1. Flow

Sliding glass doors create a seamless transition between rooms, providing instant privacy when you need it and uninterrupted flow when you don’t. They also create room dividers that curtail foot traffic and give visual privacy.
Choose interior glass doors to section off the living area from bedrooms and to conceal a laundry area. There’s a glass door option for virtually every space.

  • Glass room dividers instantly open or close off a space, sliding effortlessly across their track.
  • Bi-fold doors are a smart space-saving solution in smaller rooms or tight spaces; these phone booth-style doors fold out toward the edge of the door frame, allowing access through nearly the entire width of the opening.
  • Glass barn doors are a modern twist on a timeless classic; these doors run along an upper track and quietly slide along a decorative rail.

2. Light

Architects and designers love using expansive windows and glass doors to bring the outside in and let light shine through. Whether you live near the ocean, in a wooded area, or in the heart of the city, interior and exterior glass doors let light in, creating a warm, inviting space.
The Sliding Door Company helps you create exactly the look you want with glass in a variety of hues and opacities. Frosted or combination glass creates privacy without sacrificing light, while clear glass maximizes light in cloudy and low-light regions.


Interior glass doors really shine when it comes to style. Always contemporary, yet flexible enough to suit almost any décor, sliding glass doors instantly elevate a space.
A frameless single glass pane door is a minimalist’s dream, while a 4-panel sliding glass door with metal frame suits a variety of styles, from Craftsman to mid-century modern. A good designer will help you select the look that best suits your space.

Get Started on Your Next Project

Glass doors are unrivaled for their simple sophistication and refinement. The Sliding Door Company creates custom interior glass doors to your project’s specifications.
Safety and quality are our core values. It’s why our doors are carefully constructed with pride by skilled specialists. And it’s why our track systems are designed with a patented safety Wheel-To-Track™ locking mechanism, designed with a unique sliding clamp device that ensures panels will not leave their tracks—for unparalleled safety in the industry.
We look forward to helping you with your next project. Visit one of our many showrooms located throughout the United States or schedule a consultation today.

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