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5 ways to combine rustic and modern—with sliding barn doors  

Sliding barn doors have become quite the trend in interior design—mainly for their ability to add warmth, texture and drama to a room.

But perhaps you face this dilemma: while you adore the appearance of old wooden barn doors, their traditional style may not really suit your home’s modern decor.

There is good news. Manufacturers like The Sliding Door Company offer modern variants of sliding barn doors that offer a contemporary look, but still cultivate a bit of a rustic feeling.

Moreover, numerous features allow you to create the perfect balance between “city” and “country.”

Consider the following:

  1. Frame designs. We offer seven different frames to your barn door, each adding a modern textural appearance.
  2. Frame finishes. We offer a number of finishes in a variety of colours, including walnut (which offers a bit more of a “rural” look).
  3. Let the light shine in—or not. Unlike traditional barn doors, modern barn doors don’t have to be opaque. Because our sliding doors are made of glass, you can also choose from completely clear, to frosted, to a combination.
  4. Go for drama. Because of their size, sliding barn doors can easily be made the focal piece of a room. One way to make an extra-dramatic statement is by installing double sliding barn doors side-by-side. Our smooth glide technology allows each door to hang on beautiful exposed hinges that roll smoothly—all with just a light push of the hand!
  5. Match it with your surroundings. With so many features to choose from, it’s easy to choose a sliding barn door that matches your overall decor—even seamlessly integrate with the walls and carpet.

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