5 Top-Drawer Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day



If your mother (or the mother of your children) is like many others, she probably loves to feel organized.

Here’s why: science shows many positive health and psychological benefits to leading an uncluttered life.

What does this mean? Helping this wonderful woman get on top of things is not only good for her—it’s good for you and your family too.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas this Mother’s Day (or any day, really), here’s a thought:

Offer Mom help with spring cleaning—starting with her closet.

Here are 5 helpful tips for getting Mom organized as she sorts through all her clothes, shoes and accessories.

  1.  Clean. As Mom is emptying out the space, take time to wipe down shelves, dust and vacuum.
  1. Make deliveries. If there’s anything Mom wants to give away for free, offer to transport bags to a local shelter or charity.
  1. Go online. Help make Mom save a lot of time and make some extra cash: write and post ads on “buy/sell” Facebook groups, and community websites like Kijiji.
  1. Oversee repairs. Perhaps a pair of pants has a stuck zipper, or a hemline needs to be taken up. If you’re a genius with a needle and thread (and/or sewing machine), feel free to take on the task of repairs; otherwise, offer to take Mom’s clothes to a professional tailor.
  1. Make Mom’s closet a wardrobe wonderland—with sliding glass doors. Create a whole new sleek, sophisticated look for Mom’s bedroom.

Sliding glass closet doors can add a subtle or dramatic tone to any room with lightweight frame designs, and a variety of finishes and glass types. Just look at some of these gorgeous offerings for the bedroom:

And not only that: you can add the always-appreciated option of privacy (think: kids) with an assortment of handles and locks to choose from!

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