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Create a 2nd Bedroom & Closet Without Construction

In this spacious open concept loft, our clients wanted to create a 2nd bedroom and a closet without the hassle of construction and city permits.

We were able to utilize the free space in the corner of their room and build a brand new closet under an existing bulkhead. We first installed our matching 2×4 and 4×4 frames in an L-shape. We then installed a fixed glass panel to create a side wall for the closet and then installed 4 sliding doors on a double track to create the opening itself.

The 2nd bedroom was completed by installing a 2 door room divider on a double ramped track.

For this project, the client chose our 1.5 inch wenge coloured frame and 5mm tempered frosted glass. The entire installation took only 2 hours and the room was complete!

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